How to Buy

You can already swap your Finance Coins for Advanced health bitcoin (AHBTC ) on Pankcake Swap! Simply connect your wallet to Pancake Swap, search for the Advanced health bitcoin (AHBTC) contract address and start swapping!

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Create a Wallet

If you don't have one, create a wallet with TrustWallet on your iOS or Android device. This will allow you to manage your advanced health bitcoin , and simplifies connecting to PancakeSwap.

Send BNB to Your Wallet


You can purchase BNB coins directly from TrustWallet, or exchange other cryptocurrencies for them at a major exchange such as Binance.

Swap to BNB Smart Chain

Next, you will need to swap your fresh new BNBs to the BNB Smart Chain variety. This can be done directly from TrustWallet by tapping on the BNB token in your wallet, and selecting "Swap" on the next screen.

Connect to PancakeSwap

Visit from the mobile device your wallet is installed on, and click Connect Wallet at the top. Please make sure the URL is accurate before connecting - it must be

Once you click Connect Wallet, select WalletConnect from the next menu. Finally, select TrustWallet on the final menu, and follow the instructions in your mobile app.

Update Slippage

It's likely you will see a "cannot estimate gas" error when swapping your BNB for advanced health bitcoin. Updating slippage tolerance to 10% resolves the issue for most people. You can find configuration by tapping the gear icon near the top of PancakeSwap


That's it – you're done – congratulations on being a holder of $advanced health bitcoin! Please join us on any of the social media platforms we're on to get the latest news and updates, or to ask questions or seek assistance.

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