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15% pancakeswap

15% marketing

20% charity

10% team wallet

10% dev wallet

30% CeX listing

Analytics Modernization

Advanced Health Bitcoin uses a tax system on each transaction to fund the charity portion of the project, to motivate holders, to marketing existing circulating supplies, and to fund future development aspects of the project. Below is an outline of the current tax rate and per buy / sell transaction. The tokenomics are as follows

Total supply (153770)

Buy / Sell (10% tax)

Dev Wallet 4%

Marketing 3%

charity 2%

liquidity 1%


Advanced Health Bitcoin Swap. Decentralized exchange DEX Where users can only exchange. BEP 20 Advanced Health Bitcoin. For BUSD and BNB

Versatility in Application



NFT platform will be launched to encourage members & TikTokers, Instagram influencers and YouTubers. The NFT launch pad is where talented people from any field People of the world can create their own NFT and we will. We will help them to sell it through us for minimal fee, NFT Platform & About Us NFTS Will also issue. will perform various functions in our ecosystem. More details about us will be made available as the Advanced Health Bitcoin project grows.


Sharing Advanced Health Bitcoin with as many people as possible. Taking donations from people and spending on the treatment of the poor and needy is an important part of our mission. For this reason, we have decided to allocate marketing funds collected through taxes for hyper-growth marketing initiatives. which contains strategies designed to improve our ability to deliver life-changing support to those who need it - We hope that reading about our goals and purpose will help you spread the word about Advanced Health Bitcoin.

Grow Your Vision


Advanced Health Bitcoin is designed to revolutionize the way people make an impact through charity. Our vision of success will be determined by the impact we make on the world, the value we deliver to our customers we can provide, we are proud of the community and our ability to show the crypto world that we plan to help the poor. We look forward to making our plan a reality,