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Advanced Health Bitcoin is like a rising sun whose mission is to raise the standard of health by restoringthe state of health services among you. Advanced Health Bitcoin is like the sun that illuminates theworld with its light as it rises. Similarly, Advanced Health Bitcoin is engaged in a practical struggle toensure the provision of health care to every common and special individual. And strives to developbetter performance systems for achieving world-class healthcare, some causes of poor health,Environmental pollution, lack of clean water supply, poor drainage and food adulteration. such as blendshave greatly increased the rate of disease and poor health. Advanced Health Bitcoin is ready to deal withthem all.

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Everyone you see today is running after cryptocurrencies. In a very short period of time, cryptocurrency
has shown its strength in the financial market. Since cryptocurrency can also be called digital money
because it is only available online and we cannot physically transact it with other currencies like rupees
in India, dollars in the US, euros in Europe, etc, Governments implement it all over the country and it has
been used all over the world, But the thing to understand here is that the government has no hand over
these cryptocurrencies because they are decentralized currencies, therefore they are not controlled by
any agency or government or any board, due to which their value is not regulated,

Cryptocurrency is also known as digital currency. It is a type of digital asset that is used to purchase
goods or services. Cryptography is used in these currencies. It is a peer-to-peer electronic system, which
we can use to purchase goods and services over the Internet in place of regular currencies. In this
system the government can act without informing the banks.

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If we were to mention the first of all cryptocurrency, it would be Bitcoin which was first brought to the
world for these tasks,



The first of all cryptocurrency created was called Bitcoin, Bitcoin was created specifically for people to
engage in financial transactions without Dependency on banks or governments.

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Today, when we see the problems and sufferings of people in modern times, they always seem to be
worried about their health. And especially when we look upon the poor and needy, our spirits are
troubled, our hairs stand up, our bodies tremble, our hearts tremble, our tongues become dumb and
our eyes flutter. That the hospital provided by the government for the treatment of the people was
inaugurated with the blood and sweat of the people and was nurtured by the people with their
immense sacrifices, today its purpose and the struggle and efforts of the people are completely
forgotten Their sacrifices are being forgotten, The hospital in which the people had invested their hard-
earned money for health Today stands ready in the form of murder, Apart from Metro City, either the
doctor is not in the hospital or even if he comes once or twice a week, it is of no use because by that
time the patient is already dead, n rural areas, the situation is even worse. Rural people have to flee to
cities to solve their health related problems. Many times they are forced to seek the services of swing
doctors in such a situation In such a situation, many times they have to lose their lives along with losing
their hard earned money. On the other hand, private hospitals and nursing homes are opening up in
cities as well as small towns in the blind rush of business. In the name of facilities, there are neither
trained doctors nor proper treatment tools for patients Yet they continue to attract patients by making
big claims through advertisements and their business continues to operate. Even after giving the asking
price, the customer is not satisfied that he will get the right and proper treatment,
In this case, the only way to protect users from exploitation is to advanced health bitcoin, After
discussing with our friends, fans and our team, BSC is part of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency called
Advanced Health Bitcoin. Through this token, we have created a revolutionary new platform through
our deep expertise in welfare management and care coordination. Which will be of great help to
individuals, employers, providers, administrators, and insurers around the world in health care and
treatment. The crypto space will allow us to provide the most efficient and transparent way to donate to
charities and organizations around the world. is a token designed to revolutionize the way you think
about charity in the crypto space while providing utility to the world. We are focused on building a
robust ecosystem that will allow holders to experience unprecedented heights in the crypto world. We
intend to do this by protecting investors from rig bridges, honeypots, and scam developers who have
created space Advanced Health Bitcoin. will become the first responders for people in the real world and
the crypto world alike.
We all value our good health and expect to have access to high-quality care when we need it. In most of
the developed world, our population is growing rapidly The increasing demand for healthcare is placing
an unbearable burden on already stretched healthcare resources. In view of this, Advanced Health
Bitcoin prioritized the service of the nation, and emerged
Advanced Health Bitcoin. B. E. P-20 is a token, The Advanced Health Bitcoin team is Ready to give an
extra layer of transparency and assurance to the project to investors, holders and the community.


Advanced Health Bitcoin will have complete guidance for all types of people related to health and everyperson can be able to collect their irrigation equipment from this fountain according to their courageand ability. This world. It is the abode of sufferings and sufferings in which every human being facessome kind of pain and trouble. Humans are bound to get disease and there is a cure for every disease. Itis a different thing that someone found out and someone did not. And there is a strong relationshipbetween faith and treatment for getting rid of diseases. If there is maturity in the state of belief, thehealing from the disease will be equally fast,Advanced Health Bitcoin's main goal is to connect people who want to help with those who need help.With the achievement of four main Completion(1) CREATING A CHARITY,(2) DISCOVER HOW PEOPLE CAN DONATE TO CHARITY TO SICK OR ADVANCED HEALTH BITCOIN,(3) PEOPLE CARE ABOUT HEALTH AND HOW TO TREAT THE PATIENT ‘S DISEASE,(4) CREATING A NEW TRAND IN THE CRYPTO SPACE,

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Advance Bitcoin Logo9856.png


aims of establish a charity formed by advanced health bitcoin will be an international charitable organization that will provide complete guidance to all types of people for the benefit of the diseased sections of the society and each person will be able to use this fountain according to their courage and ability. It will be able to irrigate itself. We will strive all over the world to provide support and cooperation in every field of disease. The charity, formed by Advanced Health Bitcoin, will continue its practical struggle to save a nation afflicted with disease, people deprived of treatment due to poverty ,and natural disasters and crises, Charity created by Advanced Health Bitcoin. Under the concept of mutual aid, together with the prosperous sections of the society, it will continue to provide support, brotherhood, respect and assistance to the afflicted and disadvantaged sections of the society and helpthem to lead a prosperous life, Millions of patients around the world leave treatment incomplete in themiddle of their treatment, And millions of patients do not even have access to the hospital The mainreason for this is poverty and deprivation who are unable to afford their own treatment. The number ofthe poorest and most destitute is in the millions, The charity, formed by Advanced Health Bitcoin, seeksto streamline and improve the hospital's medical system to meet current needs and requirements, Thecharity, formed by Advanced Health Bitcoin, will provide funding for the hospital to raise the standard ofcare. A charity formed by Advanced Health Bitcoin has been set up to run the same medical practice,The charity, formed by Advanced Health Bitcoin will form two committees of 100 member, the firstcommittee will look for people who want to donate to charity, the list of donors the committee will beresponsible for informing to the charity, And the donations received from the donor, charity will be usedfor the treatment of the poor and needy, in order to promote the health of the patient and restore hishealth after fulfilling the health requirements of the patient. And second committee will look for peopleneed help, so that the donation made to the charity was received by the donor. He could only spend iton the treatment of the poor and needy,By doing so, we will be creating real-life benefits for the world while enjoying the process.

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The Advanced Health Bitcoin project team works hard to build and operate a secure project. Develops
the project as best as possible.
However- there are many risks as collateral in the cryptocurrency market. Since it is a free economic
market, it
The price can't control the decrease or increase is determined entirely by the community and the
cryptocurrency market. Crypto
There is a lot of risk involved in currency transactions. Consider carefully before deciding to trade
cryptocurrency. fairy
All other forms of sales and offers do not guarantee returns. Advanced Health Bitcoin's team for any loss
or profit will not be responsible

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Advanced Health Bitcoin uses a tax system on each transaction to fund the charity portion of the project, to motivate holders, to marketing existing circulating supplies, and to fund future development aspects of the project. Below is an outline of the current tax rate and per buy / sell transaction. The tokenomics are as follows Total

Total supply (153770)

Buy / Sell (10% tax)

Dev Wallet 4%

Marketing 3%

charity 2%

liquidity 1%

Tokenomics STATUS


15% pancakeswap

15% marketing

20% charity

10% team wallet

10% dev wallet

30% CeX listing

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phase 1

1 token creation completed on BNB platform

2 Ideology of project and website created

3 Launching in DEX pancake swap

4 Social media marketing campaign

5 Audit


phase 2

1 Listing in CMC, COINGECKO

2 Listing in CEX

3 AHBTC Swap

4 NFT launchpad


phase 3

coming soon

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Advanced Health Bitcoin Swap. Decentralized exchange DEX Where users can only exchange. BEP 20
Advanced Health Bitcoin. For BUSD and BNB

NFT platform will be launched to encourage members & TikTokers, Instagram influencers and
YouTubers. The NFT launch pad is where talented people from any field People of the world can create
their own NFT and we will. We will help them to sell it through us for minimal fee, NFT Platform & About
Us NFTS Will also issue. will perform various functions in our ecosystem. More details about us will be
made available as the Advanced Health Bitcoin project grows.


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Sharing Advanced Health Bitcoin with as many people as possible. Taking donations from people and
spending on the treatment of the poor and needy is an important part of our mission. For this reason,
we have decided to allocate marketing funds collected through taxes for hyper-growth marketing
initiatives. which contains strategies designed to improve our ability to deliver life-changing support to
those who need it - We hope that reading about our goals and purpose will help you spread the word
about Advanced Health Bitcoin.

Advanced Health Bitcoin is designed to revolutionize the way people make an impact through charity.
Our vision of success will be determined by the impact we make on the world, the value we deliver to
our customers we can provide, we are proud of the community and our ability to show the crypto world
that we plan to help the poor. We look forward to making our plan a reality.